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THE FIRST ANNUAL EXOPOLITICS EXPO – THE X-CONFERENCE - 35 DISK SET. Complete set of X-Conference disks listed below. XCon-700D • 35 DVD Disks • Normally $649.95 • Now $550.00

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THE FIRST ANNUAL EXOPOLITICS EXPO – THE X-CONFERENCE - 35 DISK SET. Complete set of X-Conference disks listed below. XCon-700V • 35 VHS Videos • Normally $649.95 • Now $550.00

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First and Second Annual Exopolitics Expo: The X-Conference
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Video tapes and DVDs from the Bay Area UFO Expo recorded in Santa Clara, California in 2003 and 2004.

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The Bay Area UFO Expo 2003 and 2004 Conferences

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September 2003 and 2004 –Santa Clara, California


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BAY AREA UFO EXPO 2004 CONFERENCE: Santa Clara, California. BAUFO-219V • UPC 8 82917 04193 5 • 15+ hours • 17 VHS Videos • $289.95 +++ BAUFOE-219D • UPC 8 82917 04199 7 • 15+ hours • 17 DVD Disks • $289.95

DESTROYING THE COVER-UP: SEPARATING FACT FROM DISINFORMATION, with Marc Davenport. Marc Davenport has been studying UFOs and ET contact for 35 years. He worked for a number of years as a manufacturing engineer, designing, building, and testing electrical wiring components for the aerospace and defense industries. In addition to authoring Visitors >From Time: The Secret of the UFOs, Marc has published numerous magazine articles, and has edited and/or written introductions for numerous books by other authors, including Raymond Fowler, Leah Haley and Richard Boylan. He has been invited to speak throughout the country, and has been a guest on many TV programs as Sightings, Strange Universe, and Art Bell’s Radio Show, Dreamland. He is currently editor for Greenleaf Publications. Follow Marc Davenport as he hacks a path through the jungle of disinformation and misinformation that intelligence agents have been so carefully cultivating for decades. Using indisputable slides of technology used in psychological operations, and of some of the people involved in mind-control, he separates fact from disinformation about "alien implants," black helicopters, underground bases, chemtrails, MILABS, and Manchurian Candidates. BAUFOE-420V • UPC 8 82917 04203 4 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-420D • UPC 8 82917 04209 6 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

NATIONAL SECURITY AND UFOS: THE FOUNDATION YEARS, 1941 TO 1973, with Richard Dolan. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1962. He holds an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a BA in History from Alfred University. He earned a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford University and was a Rhodes Scholar finalist. Prior to his interest in anomalous phenomena, Dolan studied US Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy. Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has called Dolan's book Amonumental, while Dr. Hal Puthoff, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, has declared it to be A must-read for serious students in the field. Richard Dolan will provide a historical foundation to UFOs and government secrecy. Drawing on official documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, Dolan will detail the extreme levels of interest given to UFOs by the U.S. military and intelligence community, despite public statements to the contrary. One reason he offers is that unknown and extraordinary objects have repeatedly violated sensitive U.S. airspace. Frequently, these objects exhibited capabilities far beyond those of military aircraft even today. Dolan’s historical analysis will include the origins and development of UFO secrecy during the cold war, as well as descriptions of several spectacular military encounters with UFOs. He will also point out why it is unlikely that "true" UFOs in the early years could have been the product of a secret military program. For more information visit BAUFOE-421V • UPC 8 82917 04213 3 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-421D • UPC 8 82917 04219 5 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

UFOS IN MEXICO: MEXICAN AIR FORCE REPORTS UFO SIGHTING, with Jaime Maussan. Jaime Maussan was born in 1953 in Mexico City. After one year at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1972-73) he attended Miami University (Ohio) and graduated with a B.A. in Radio and Television. During his college years, he was Midwest Correspondent and sports reporter for Televisa (Mexico). His present occupation is Investigative Journalist/Anchorman and General Producer of the TV show “Tercer Milenio” that is broadcast via the Televisa Network to all Latin American countries, Europe, the United States and also through the Sky Satellite System. In 1996, he was producer of the feature radio program "Jaime Maussan, UFOs and Other Mysteries" transmitted through XEW Radio and the RASA Network, which became one of the most popular radio programs in Mexico. Jaime has earned many awards for his films, radio and television shows both in North America and Europe. He received the National Journalism Award from the Journalists Club of Mexico in 1983, 1987 and 1993. He was presented the "AMPRYT" award for the TV program "60 Minutos" in 1990-91-92. His investigations into the still on-going Mexico UFO wave has garnered world wide acclaim and he has been invited to speak at conferences around the world. BAUFOE-422V • UPC 8 82917 04223 2 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-422D • UPC 8 82917 04229 4 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

COVERT INTELLIGENCE INVOLVEMENT WITH ALIEN ABDUCTEES AS EVIDENCE FOR UFO ABDUCTION, with Melinda Leslie. Researcher and experiencer, Melinda Leslie, has investigated "covert intelligence" involvement in abductions for 12 years, conducting over 40 interviews of experiencers and researchers of this unique phenomenon. For many years Melinda was the Director of 2 experiencer support groups and was Director of a monthly UFO lecture series for 9 years, producing over 90 speakers. Melinda was Associate Producer of the 1994 UFO Expo West conferences and has lectured herself for numerous conferences and organizations. She has also been a guest on numerous radio and television shows. Melinda is an Office Manager. In what may be the strongest evidence for the reality of alien abduction, abductees are being targeted by human "covert intelligence" and "paramilitary" agencies. Melinda Leslie's research shows that it is because alien abductions are real that these agencies are involved. Evidence shown will include extensive corroborating experience testimony, multiple forms of physical evidence, eyewitnesses, and accounts of military "insiders." Melinda explains that such agencies are involved with the abduction phenomena in a quest to obtain extraterrestrial technologies operating on paranormal functioning (psi). This quest has made alien abduction a matter of national security and is ultimately driving the government's suppression of the UFO subject, and along with it, the suppression of the dormant human potential. BAUFOE-423V • UPC 8 82917 04233 1 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-423D • UPC 8 82917 04239 3 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

REPTOIDS: FACTS VS. FICTION AND FORGED LIES, with John Rhodes. John Rhodes was raised and educated in many exotic areas of the world. He received his primary education in Malaysia, Singapore, and England, with further undergraduate studies in the United States. While residing in Asia, John’s curiosity in the local environment’s reptile population led to a serious, herpetological study that eventually encompassed additional scientific disciplines such as anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, biology, and the actual field work that accompany these various branches of science. John’s vast accumulation of scientific knowledge, acquired through the guidance of some of the world’s leading scientists (specialists), and his pioneering work searching for strange, unknown animals have made him one of the most popular cryptozoologists and lecturers worldwide. The British scientific community today recognizes John Rhodes as one of the world’s leading authorities on reptilian cryptids. His many authored articles, reviews, and technical reports for newsletters and private publications have been distributed internationally and authors continue to refer to his cryptozoological work in support of their conspiratorial beliefs. Americas most controversial cryptozoologist once again steps outside the acceptable boundaries of zoological studies to take us on another unforgettable journey of intellectual exploration as it pertains to eyewitness accounts or reptilian humanoid encounters and their possible origins. In this free lecture, John Rhodes will be discussing Earth's deepest Ultima SubTerra Incognita (or "Ultimate Undiscovered Underground") and the "Reptilian humanoid" civilizations living there. Separating facts from numerous fictional conspiracy theories, John will expose a dangerous trend towards demonizing Reptoids (and people with the unusual RH-negative blood factor.) This prejudice may well suite the plans of certain groups, and individuals...even The New World Order, so beware! For more information visit BAUFOE-424V • UPC 8 82917 04243 0 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-424D • UPC 8 82917 04249 2 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

SECRETS OF THE CROP CIRCLES: THE GIFT OF THE GODS, with William Henry. William Henry is an investigative mythologist and author. His primary expertise and mission is finding and interpreting ancient stories which feature advanced technology for raising of spiritual vibration and increasing spiritual vision. Crop circles contain a blueprint for the construction of a device that will save humanity from a future global catastrophe, says physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette. Taking this cue, investigative mythologist and author William Henry went in search of evidence of crop circles that portray such a device. What he has found is truly explosive. With direct, non-technical language highlighted by crop circle images and other extraordinary pictorial evidence he shows how the glyphs are hyper dimensional messages that encode a device, possibly used by extraterrestrial beings, to create crop circles through quantum communication. This same technology is the basis for Star Trek's "beam me up Scotty" technology. William Henry has found what may be the key to crop circle phenomena and much, much more. His dramatic conclusions have profound implications for the study of UFOs, crop circles and sacred symbolism worldwide. For more information visit BAUFOE-425V • UPC 8 82917 04253 9 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-425D • UPC 8 82917 04259 1 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE PHOENIX LIGHTS: THE MOST IMPORTANT STATEWIDE UFO SIGHTING EVER RECORDED, with Lynne Kitei, M.D. As an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator, Dr. Lynne has been on the cutting edge era of early disease detection and prevention as Chief Clinical Consultant at the world renowned Arizona Heart Institute's Imaging/Prevention/Wellness Center in Phoenix, AZ. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Secondary Science Education from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Lynne has been called the "woman pioneer" of medical communications in TV Guide after creating and producing innovative TV News health reports for NBC in Philadelphia in 1976. Since that time, she has dedicated over 25 years to global public awareness, wellness and health education. She has appeared as the resident health reporter for many TV programs, and her work has been featured in a variety of national magazines. She has also received numerous awards for her efforts in health education and was named "Woman of the Year" in Pennsylvania. Lynn D. Kitei, M.D., key witness to the historic Arizona mass sighting of March 13, 1997, will discuss her new Book, The Phoenix Lights, including her firsthand experience and groundbreaking photographic evidence, the mass sighting, and her intensive seven year investigation. In addition, she will present her 15 minute video showing how the intriguing story unfolded from the day after the Arizona statewide event through the third anniversary. Dr. Lynne has, indeed, discovered that WE ARE NOT ALONE. BAUFOE-426V • UPC 8 82917 04263 8 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-426D • UPC 8 82917 04269 0 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

CONTACT AND THE UNIVERSAL PROPHECY, with Dr. Louis Turi. Following four extraordinary UFO experiences in Europe and the US, Dr. Turi’s life changed dramatically on August 11th, 1991 when he and his wife were taking onboard of a flying saucer. The extraterrestrials “downloaded” into Dr. Turi’s mind the conception of the dynamics of the universe and its impact upon the human psyche. Since then Dr. Turi made unarguable and well documented predictions such as the Kobe earthquake, Hurricane Andrew, the fall of Saddam Hussein regime, the 911 terrorist attack in N.Y., the WA sniper, the SARS deadly virus, both shuttle explosions, the N.Y. black out , the deadly wave of heat waves and destructive fires just to name a few. Dr. Turi will make numerous predictions for the US and the world in 2005 where specific dates and events will be announced to the audience. Experience Dr. Turi's lifetime collection of UFO pictures put together as a unique slide presentation. See pictures of ET X-rays from a Russian KGB/CIA project in Antarctica and a bright UFO in the Phoenix sky among many others. There is also the depiction of a stationary flying saucer suspended 30 feet above Dr. Turi's head in one of his own encounters. There are saucers, orbs, strange lights and paintings of his experiences with the ET's. He will show the location in his native village in France, where some of his incredible contact occurred. Visit his site at BAUFOE-427V • UPC 8 82917 04273 7 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-427D • UPC 8 82917 04279 9 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

IRAQI PRISONER ABUSE? LOOK AT WHAT’S BEING DONE TO AMERICAN CIVILIANS, with Leah A. Haley. CIA, NSA, NASA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Which of these has been involved in Leah Haley's alien-abduction experiences? Leah will talk about being interrogated at a camouflaged hillside installation, threatened in a military conference room, and subjected to mind control and deprogramming. She will show slides of black helicopters that have repeatedly buzzed her residence and marks left on her body by her abductors. She will also discuss an experience that was a huge turning point in her understanding of the alien-abduction phenomenon. Internationally known author and lecturer Leah A. Haley holds a master's degree in business administration and education, and is a certified public accountant and founding partner of Greenleaf Publications. Her story of personal alien abductions and kidnappings by humans, along with many articles, has been featured in many publications. She has appeared on various radio and TV programs, including Dreamland and Encounters. Leah's first book, Lost Was the Key, describes her abductions by both aliens and apparent U.S. military personnel. Unlocking Alien Closets is an autobiographical account of her alien/human abduction and mind-control experiences and subsequent evolving spirituality. Leah continues to lecture, write, and educate the public about abduction and mind control phenomena. For more information visit BAUFOE-429V • UPC 8 82917 04293 5 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-429D • UPC 8 82917 04299 7 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE MEIER CONTACTS: THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE SURVIVAL, with Michael Horn. Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. He has researched the contacts since 1979, lectured and appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Michaels's multi-media presentation of the Billy Meier UFO Contacts (on- going in Switzerland for 62 years) explores the abundant, still irreproducible, photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples, the nearly 50 years of amazing, prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information published by Meier years before "official" discovery or occurrences and the failure of the top international professional skeptics to duplicate Meier's photos/films. Michael will show how the real purpose of the now proven, ongoing contact is to help us assure our future survival. BAUFOE-430V • UPC 8 82917 04303 1 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-430D • UPC 8 82917 04309 3 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE CODEX THREAT AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, with Robin Falkov. Robin Falkov is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Homeopathic Physician. She has worked with Homeopathy for 18 years. Her mission is to allow people the remedies to return to vibrant health using modalities without any side effects. Learn to make the proper diet and lifestyle choices. The key to good health is a commitment to work together! In this lecture Falkov discusses the Codex Alimentaris legislation limiting availability of supplements worldwide. Learn about the worldwide threat to nutritional supplements and the court case in England by the Alliance for Natural Health that is our last protection. We are down to just months before there will be major changes to our Health Freedom Rights and the ability to purchase nutritional supplements. Find out what you can do to help win this final battle! For more information visit BAUFOE-431V • UPC 8 82917 04313 0 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-431D • UPC 8 82917 04319 2 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE SECRET CITY: TIME TRAVEL, UFOS, ATLANTIS, STAR COLONIES AND THE COMING WORLD CHANGES, with Tricia McCannon. Internationally known clairvoyant, contactee and author of "Dialogues With the Angels". She has appeared on over 250 radio and TV shows nationwide, including "Sightings" and "Strange Universe". Her audio books include "UFO's in the Coming Millennium" and "UFO's and Ancient Civilizations". For over a decade she produced the UFO Forum, moderated the UFO panels at the Whole Life Expos and headlined in dozens of international venues. Her teachings integrate science, history, archaeology, religion and prophecy. Leading tours to Peru, Egypt, France, Italy and England, she has come upon a secret city that is involved with time travel, UFO's, Atlantis, star colonies and coming world events. BAUFOE-432V • UPC 8 82917 04323 9 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-432D • UPC 8 82917 04329 1 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

CROP CIRCLES: THE INCREDIBLE EVIDENCE BEHIND THE GENUINE PHENOMENA, with Freddy Silva. One of the world’s foremost experts on crop circles, and best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, hailed by many as the most comprehensive book ever written on this fascinating and multi-disciplinary phenomenon. He is an international lecturer, and a life-long student of Earth Mysteries, Sacred Space and ancient systems of knowledge. Freddy has appeared in TV documentaries for The History Channel and Discovery Channel, as well as numerous video documentaries, and guested on radio shows throughout the US. In this whirlwind slide presentation you will see what the energy behind crop circles is doing to the plants, the soil, and the water in the ground; the kinds of technology that are being decoded from the designs; how they are appearing on the Earth’s magnetic lines; and how they may be influencing our very DNA. All-in-all, a wide-reaching prÈcis of the evidence supporting a phenomenon that is known to have been around since at least 1678 – just what you’d expect from one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. For more information visit is website, The Crop Circular, at BAUFOE-433V • UPC 8 82917 04333 8 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-433D • UPC 8 82917 04339 0 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

UFOS AT “THE RANCH” – LANDINGS, MORPHING AND BI-LOCATION, with James Gilliland. After a near death experience brought about by drowning, James Gilliland could no longer continue business as usual. His eyes were fully opened, and he saw the lack of love and joy in his life and his work. Success through material acquisition, “the American dream”, was now seen for its emptiness. He realized that the temporary joy and pleasure possessions and outer appearances brought were not the goal and began his inward journey. After experiencing the pure unconditional love and joy, “BLISS”, of connecting directly to the source during his near death experience, all that mattered was to reconnect and maintain that contact. This presentation will include incredible footage of UFOs landing, morphing and bilocating, responding to the people on the ground and displaying incredible advanced technology with preknowlege of their appearances. Not only is the question, "Are We Alone ?" in the universe answered, why are they here, will also be answered. Undeniable proof that contact has begun will be given yet the message greatly supercedes the evidence. BAUFOE-434V • UPC 8 82917 04343 7 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-434D • UPC 8 82917 04349 9 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE DARK SIDE OF JORDAN MAXWELL: ASTRO-THEOLOGY IN THE MODERN WORLD, with Jordan Maxwell. Author of the book “Matrix of Power” and Radio Talk Show host. Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and authority in the field of occult/religious philosophy since 1959. He served for three and a half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America’s oldest Free Thought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies has created an enthusiastic response from audiences for many years. He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars, hosted his own radio talk shows, guested on more than 600 radio shows, and written, produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries (including three 2-hour specials for the CBS TV network, as well as the internationally acclaimed 5-part Ancient Mystery Series - all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today. Jordan Maxwell will give us a glimpse into the super secret organizations that have played such significant roles in world history. One of his videos is entitled "Matrix of Power" and this appellation certainly describes the reality of our world better than any other phrase. For more information visit BAUFOE-435V • UPC 8 82917 04353 6 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-435D • UPC 8 82917 04359 8 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE INCAS, PERU & UFOS, with Michael Peter Langevin. Michael has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of MB Media for more that 20 years, which produces Magical Blend magazine, Natural Beauty and Health, and Fresh Blend. He lectures and offers workshops monthly from coast to coast. He was host of the Magical Blend TV show for two years in San Francisco and has been a regular guest on TV and radio. After hearing a college professor's exciting tale of his visit to Peru, Michael set out on his own journey to this magical land. During his visit, he hiked through the countryside, visited the sacred sites, fell in love with the people, and was drawn to the magic of the land. Upon finishing his journey, Michael decided that he needed to incorporate the spirituality of Peru into his life so that he could take it with him no matter where he traveled. With information about initiation, tool gathering, choosing a totem, shamanic work, astral viewing, power rituals, recapitulation, ayahuasca use, and the drawing of natural energies, Michael feels that you too can have all the tools you need to incorporate this magic into your life. In this lecture, Michael will share his knowledge of and experiences in Peru. He will cover the mystery of the Nasca Lines, Machu Picchu, Sacayanman, Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku. He will also explore the magic and ancient mysteries of Peru, which include Shamanism, the work of Carlos Castaneda, Neo-Paganism, UFOs and other Earth-spirited traditions. Michael's gift to you is the introduction of the secret teachings and ancient traditions of the Incas--revealed to the public for the first time. Incan belief focuses on relinking humanity with itself and with nature. Their living tradition believes that the divine resides in everything – the trees, land, and seas. BAUFOE-436V • UPC 8 82917 04363 5 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-436D • UPC 8 82917 04369 7 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

SATURDAY NIGHT KEYNOTE ADDRESS, with Lloyd Pye. Lloyd Pye has been a fixture in the field of alternative knowledge since 1998, when he published "Everything You Know Is Wrong--Book One: Human Origins." He is now recognized as an authority on the Intervention Theory of human origins, which stands opposed to Darwinism, Creationism, or Intelligent Design. He is also known as a spokesman for the reality of hominoids (Bigfoot, Yeti, etc.) and is best known as the caretaker of the Star Child Skull. Since 1999 Lloyd has been attempting to scientifically determine what this mysterious skull is made of, and whether or not it is entirely human. He anticipates having definitive answers by the end of this year (2004). In this keynote address Lloyd will speak about the ongoing struggle among alternative knowledge researchers to be taken seriously by mainstream defenders of status quos. This is old ground well trod by all of us, but Lloyd will put his own unique spin on it using stories and examples from the Cajun area of Louisiana where he hails from. For more information visit BAUFOE-437V • UPC 8 82917 04373 4 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-437D • UPC 8 82917 04379 6 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95


A BREAKTHROUGH ABDUCTION CASE WITH IMPORTANT MEDICAL EVIDENCE, with Budd Hopkins. For the first time in history a team of physicians are banding together to study the medical evidence in UFO abduction cases. Budd Hopkins will present a dramatic videotape of the abductee under hypnosis, recalling his traumatic 2002 experience, as well as a second tape documenting the discovery of physical evidence at the site in the New York City environs. He will discuss this abduction and the subsequent role of a group of physicians in the investigation of this extraordinary case. You may learn more about Mr. Hopkins and his work at BAUFOE-401V • UPC 8 82917 04013 9 • 44 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-401D • UPC 8 82917 04019 1 • 44 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

AN INSIDE VIEW OF THE OUTSIDE WORLD, with Marcia Schafer. A credible and grounded MBA business consultant, Marcia Schafer crosses all boundaries as she educates audiences about her lifetime of contact experiences. An award winning author and sought after speaker, Schafer has been featured in Europe and throughout the United States, as well as in magazines, radio, television and video. Her story, "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist," has been read in 14 countries and in 2001 won an award for best new age book. Called by the media an extraordinary package that is half Tom Peters and half Fox Mulder, Marcia is a highly regarded intuitive and international business consultant. Schafer is founder of Beyond Zebra, a firm specializing in progressive business education for entrepreneurs exploring higher consciousness. What are the eight most common beliefs we hold about contact, and why are we so mistaken about all of them? Schafer, author of the award winning "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist," takes you inside a world filled with over forty years of face-to-face contact with many of the different races visiting our planet. Her first-hand insights can guide you to think smartly about this controversial topic. Marcia's extensive work with other beings has given her an insider perspective about how they regard humans, and in part one of her presentation, she passes this on to you. Get prepared for who's out there, why they are here now, how they communicate and even what you can expect should you find yourself in their presence. Art Bell After Dark Magazine says, "She even goes into what these several ET races are like with detail maybe rivaled only by the US military in their manuals on extraterrestrials..." BAUFOE-402V • UPC 8 82917 04023 8 • 52 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-402D • UPC 8 82917 04029 0 • 52 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

STARGATES OF THE GODS, with William Henry. William Henry, investigative mythologist, adventurer and author of nine books dares to speak publicly about the true history and origins of the human species. No piece of fiction could rival the incredible story of our own beginnings and the sheer drama of our interaction with the "Illuminati" of mythology and history and the larger than life gateway stories of ancient reference. He's excited about his discoveries about the Stargates of the gods and eager to share his insights with an enlightened audience. If you're part of the growing segment of humanity which asks the question, "Is this all there is?" . . . then you may be ready for your "wake-up" call . . . and this guide may have the key to your soul's yearning . . . the release of "the ship in the bottle." Thousands of years ago the Stargate technology of the gods was lost. Mayan Prophecy says it will return by 2012 and connect us to the center of our galaxy. This will bring the birth of a new matrix and a new human. We are its elders. See vivid examples of ancient Stargates juxtaposed with modern science and current events. Experience the Stargates of the gods. BAUFOE-403V • UPC 8 82917 04033 7 • 46 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-403D • UPC 8 82917 04039 9 • 46 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

RE-INHERITING THE EARTH, with Brian O’ Leary. "Internationally acclaimed, author, futurist and speaker, was a NASA scientist-Apollo Astronaut and Ivy League professor specializing in planetary science and technology assessment. He advised several U.S. presidential candidates and co-founded the International Association for New Science. Author of numerous popular books, articles and peer-reviewed papers on science, space, energy and culture, he now researches and presents what it will take for us to overcome greed and terrorism for a sustainable global future. BAUFOE-404V • UPC 8 82917 04043 6 • 44 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-404D • UPC 8 82917 04049 8 • 44 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

STAR CHILDREN: HOMO NOETICUS (Cosmic Humankind), with Richard Boylan, Ph. D. Dr. Richard J. Boylan Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. He provides hypnotherapy for recalling full details of partially-remembered close encounters with the Star Visitors, and for exploring previous life experiences stored in subconscious memory. Dr. Boylan also is a consultant to Star Kids and Star Seeds seeking to understand better their origin, identity and mission, so as to attain optimal awareness and clarity of identity, inner growth and spiritual development. Dr. Boylan has served as a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, National University, Chapman University, and Sierra College. He has presented papers on his research at, among other conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference, and the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC. He is author of three books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the Stars (1996), and Project Epiphany (1997). He has over 50 articles published. He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals on the specialized counseling for experiencers of Star Visitor contact. He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including NBC's "Sightings" twice, on Paramount Television Network's "Paranormal Borderline", and three times on Art Bell's "Dreamland" program. Dr. Boylan is a member of the National Board of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Anesthesiology. You can visit Dr. Boylan' s website at: BAUFOE-405V • UPC 8 82917 04053 5 • 45 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-405D • UPC 8 82917 04059 7 • 45 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

CONTACT WITH ANOTHER MIND: CONCLUSIONS FROM TWO DECADES OF RESEARCH, with Colin Andrews. For nearly two decades Colin Andrews has traveled the world and appeared on numerous television programs in his efforts to communicate the mystery of crop circles to the general public. Because he is widely recognized as the world's foremost authority on the subject it came as a great shock to millions when he was seen on national television last year stating that only 20% of the crop circles researched during the years of 1999 and 2000 remained a mystery, inferring that the remaining 80% are man made! He has made numerous recent media appearances including with Sally Jesse Raphael, Art Bell and Dan Akroyd. Andrews says: "I have been very careful in my media interviews not to damage the scientific methods applied to two decades of research into the Crop Circle mystery but I now have overwhelming evidence of something very bizarre at work. This dictates that risks must now be taken in speaking out about the strange events which have occurred for the public to consider". At this time last year when Colin was awarded The Maverick Award for his scientific studies into the crop circle mystery, he was struggling with how to make public his extraordinary findings. His new book just published, called 'Crop Circles - Signs of Contact' is the outcome. In his lecture and workshop Colin will spell out the details of what he calls ‘Signs of Contact’ between the observers and the observed. BAUFOE-406V • UPC 8 82917 04063 4 • 46 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-406D • UPC 8 82917 04069 6 • 46 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

INVESTIGATION INTO VARGINHA, BRAZIL, with Roger Leir. Dr. Leir, in a complete departure from his subject on alien implants, for the first time will speak about one of his recent visit to Brazil, where he did an extensive investigation of numerous areas that were UFO hotspots, including the now famous Varginha case of 1996. He will present slides and video of Brazil, showing some of these areas. Dr. Leir will speak for the first time about some startling new testimony he was able to obtain from witnesses in the Varginha case. Included in this testimony will be eyewitness reports from medical personnel at one of the local Varginha hospitals who actually rendered medical treatment to an alien being. This exciting lecture is being presented to a large audience for the first time at this conference. You will not want to miss it. Visit Dr. Leir's web site at BAUFOE-405V • UPC 8 82917 04073 3 • 48 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-407D • UPC 8 82917 04079 5 • 48 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS AND THE ANUNNAKI, with Jason Martell. Jason's research first started 8 years ago where he became fascinated with possible artificial structures on Mars, and NASA's explanation for these objects. As well as the theory that there is another planet in our solar system, known as Planet X or the 12th planet. This planet is being actively search for by modern astronomers, because it does exist. The Sumerian culture, 6,000 years ago were also aware of this planet. And described a race of "GODS" that lived on that planet, and have visited us in our past. Jason Martell has given several lectures to MUFON about his research and appeared on many radio shows. Jason derives his information from a vast network of skilled researchers and sources, which can be accessed at See amazing artifact from Ancient Iraq and learn about the oldest civilization we have on earth. Artifacts and stone tablets excavated from Iraq clearly speak of a planet from which ancient astronauts or "Gods" had come from. See the evidence for yourself. We are not alone! For more information visit BAUFOE-408V • UPC 8 82917 04083 2 • 40 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-408D • UPC 8 82917 04089 4 • 40 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

THE MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX, with John Anthony West. John Anthony West is a writer and independent Egyptologist who has been studying and writing about ancient Egypt for nearly three decades. He is the foremost exponent of the "Symbolist" school of Egyptology- which sees (and demonstrates) an ancient sacred science where modern academics see mainly superstition. West's work re-dating the Great Sphinx of Giza via geology, (proving that it must be at least 10,000 years old or older) was the subject of a 1993 NBC Special, The Mystery of the Sphinx, hosted by Charlton Heston. This case has escalated into a heated international scholarly controversy. West won an Emmy in 1993 for Best Research for his work on the video and the show itself was one of the four nominated for Best Documentary Program. West's non fiction books include Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt and The Case for Astrology. West is presently at work (in collaboration with Robert M. Schoch, principal scientific investigator) on a book. In this slide lecture Mr. West will introduce his revolutionary theory re-dating--via geology--the Great Sphinx of Giza and discuss its profound implications for history and for the evolution of human civilization. Enthusiastically received by geologists when the evidence was first presented, it aroused fierce opposition in Egyptological and Archaeological circles. While the controversy continues, substantial new evidence may soon overcome opposition once and for all. West will detail these exciting new developments. For more information visit BAUFOE-410V • UPC 8 82917 04103 7 • 50 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-410D • UPC 8 82917 04109 9 • 50 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

MYSTERIOUS PENNSYLVANIA: INCIDENT IN KECKSBURG, PA, with Stan Gordon. Since 1965, Stan has been conducting on scene investigations of mysterious encounters in Pennsylvania. He has been involved with the examination of thousands of UFO and other strange reports from across the Keystone State. During the late 1960's, Stan acted as a telephone report sighting coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Stan has been internationally recognized as an authority on the subject of the UFO and Bigfoot phenomena. He gained prominence from his first hand investigation into the well remembered 1973 Bigfoot/UFO series of sightings and encounters which occurred in Pennsylvania. This outbreak brought worldwide attention to the subject, and was a major news story in the media for several weeks. For more information you can visit Stan's website at This presentation will cover some of the strange incidents that Stan has investigated in the past 44 years. This will include the 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Incident. The Kecksburg case involves first hand accounts from observers who report seeing an odd metallic acorn shaped object semi-buried in the ground, and the quick response by the military to the scene. Some people say that a large military flat-bed tractor trailer truck hauled the object away from the area late that night. Other extraordinary cases from Pennsylvania will be presented with slides. BAUFOE-411V • UPC 8 82917 04113 6 • 46 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-411D • UPC 8 82917 04119 8 • 46 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

EXPERIENCES WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS: AN AMAZING VARIETY, with Barbara Lamb. Psychotherapist Barbara Lamb has had extensive experience in regressing people to important experiences in the past, including to past lives and to more than 2000 experiences with extraterrestrial beings. She has trained psychotherapist and hypnotherapists in conducting this much-needed, in-depth work. This lecture will give highlights of the extraordinary range of experiences uncovered and recalled during professional regression sessions with more than 450 experiencers of extraterrestrial contacts and abductions. The experiences vary widely and include traditional abductions by "little gray beings" that perform medical-sexual-reproductive-implant procedures, educational and training sessions by lifelong mentors, channeling of valuable perspectives from civilizations in the cosmos, and inspiring, uplifting contacts with highly evolved spiritual beings. A variety of beings will be shown in slides. BAUFOE-412V • UPC 8 82917 04123 5 • 52 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-412D • UPC 8 82917 04129 7 • 52 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

ET AND GOD? THE THEOLOGICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE SEARCH OF LIFE BEYOND EARTH, with J.J. Hurtak. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., is an investigator of extraterrestrial events and contact throughout the world. He has lectured at the Academy of Science in Russia, the Academy of Science in China, and the major universities in North and South America, Europe, and southern Africa. He has been a main speaker at the Parliament of the World's Religions (1999), The State of the World's Forum (2000) and the recent U.N. World Summit on Sustainability in Johannesburg (2002). Hurtak's talent as a communicator and producer of films and media projects has brought him six international awards. His scientific research interests are in the fields of archaeology, cosmology, astrobiology, and the dialogue between science and religion. He is author of over ten books in twelve languages. From the very beginnings of modern thought, scientists, philosophers and theologians have debated what the significance for humankind might be if we should encounter extraterrestrial life. Theologians are afraid of what this might mean for our various religious systems. Finding out that we are not alone in the universe could shake the foundations of established belief. From Egypt and India to the islands of the Pacific, the ancients had a greater understanding regarding life forms in space, detailing both a hostile or intrinsically bio-friendly universe. In fact, is the coming of extraterrestrials a fulfillment of prophecy or, better stated, a sign of the end times? BAUFOE-413V • UPC 8 82917 04133 4 • 48 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-413D • UPC 8 82917 04139 6 • 48 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

JOURNALISM 101 AND THE UFO / ET PHENOMENON, with Robert O. Dean. Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean served on the front lines of Korea and Vietnam as a highly decorated combat veteran. Stationed at NATO SHAPE command headquarters in France during the sixties, he had access to classified documents confirming government knowledge of the extraterrestrial reality. A prominent and internationally recognized speaker, he has countless television, radio, video and news documentary appearances to his credit. Mr. Dean has been involved in UFO research for more than forty years and has been honored with two lifetime achievement awards for his contribution to the field of UFOlogy. Many years ago journalism taught that any complete story had to include the basic 5 W's: who-what-when-where and why. Over the years Robert Dean has applied that same fundamental rule to research unraveling the UFO/ET puzzle. He shows that we have finally begun to understand the what, when and where, and now takes you into the remaining mysteries. Sometimes inflammatory, always controversial, the answers behind these inquiries will give greater understanding to the bigger picture that is sitting right in front of us. BAUFOE-414V • UPC 8 82917 04143 3 • 47 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-414D • UPC 8 82917 04149 5 • 47 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

UNIVERSAL PROPHECIES, with Louis Turi. Following four extraordinary UFO experiences in Europe and the US, Dr. Turi’s life changed dramatically on August 11th, 1991 when he and his wife were taking onboard of a flying saucer. The extraterrestrials "downloaded" unto Dr. Turi’s mind the conception of the dynamics of the universe and its impact upon the human psyche. Since then Dr. Turi made unarguable and well documented predictions such as the Kobe earthquake, Hurricane Andrew, the fall of Saddam Hussein regime, the 911 terrorist attack in N.Y., the WA sniper, the SARS deadly virus, both shuttle explosions, the N.Y. black out , the deadly wave of heat waves and destructive fires just to name a few. Dr. Turi will make numerous predictions for the US and the world in 2004 where specific dates and events will be announced to the audience. Visit his site at BAUFOE-415V • UPC 8 82917 04153 2 • 28 min • VHS Video • $149.95 +++ BAUFOE-415D • UPC 8 82917 04159 4 • 28 min • DVD Disk • $14.95

THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE HERE, with Robert Perala. Robert is an international speaker and author of "The Divine Blueprint" and the newly released "The Divine Architect " His contact with Extraterrestrial visitors at age 21 has led him into a 23 years of research into Alien Abductions, Crop Circle Research, The Ancient Mystery Schools, The Esoteric Sciences, After-Death Communication and much more..... He has been seen on The Fox Network, The A&E Channel, Showtime, in addition to doing over 180 radio shows including being a favorite on Coast to Coast AM. Order the Divine Blueprint from For more information on Robert's new book The Divine Architect visit Robert's website at Robert will share the startling yet intelligent wisdom shared by his nighttime visitors he call "Extraterrestrial Emissaries" He will share how each and everyone of us has contact from various esoteric forces that watch over the planet daily. Earth is in an evolutionary awakening in which we will meet various ET lifeforms such as the Pleiadians and our own guides well in our lifetime....Also included is a view into why Karmic bound souls come to Earth. What agreements might have been made by you and your off planet visitors. This is a very visual and powerful presentation and includes a wonderful slide show. BAUFOE-416V • UPC 8 82917 04163 1 • 49 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-416D • UPC 8 82917 04169 3 • 49 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

CROP CIRCLES IN CALIFORNIA: AN UPDATE, with Ruben Uriarte & Steven Marino. Master of Ceremonies: Ruben Jose Uriarte is a State Director for the Northern California Mutual UFO Network ( Mufon) and California State Director for Crop Circle Phenomenon Research International . He is also the Research Director for Beyond Boundaries, Inc., a company specializing in leading small groups of people interested in the UFO Phenomena to areas of the world where UFO sightings and experiences are frequent. He has been on a number of television interviews and documentaries and has traveled to England over the past years and photographed many crop circle formations. Our own Master of Ceremonies and experienced crop circle researcher, Ruben J. Uriarte has worked in tandem with Steve Moreno on this exciting case file. Steve Moreno is a paranormal investigator and researcher of 2 decades, and is well connected in all the associated fields. He is the founder and President of PSI Applications, a non-profit research foundation he was inspired to form after a 'near death' experience that transformed his life. Three local crop circles recently appeared up in the Solano County area and received national media attention. Despite the eventual disputed claims by a group of teenagers to have hoaxed the original Rockville Circle, the latest information from an ongoing in depth investigation is very revealing towards the strong possibility of all three formations being authentic. Though the investigation is not yet complete, Steve Moreno and Ruben Uriarte have offered to share the more astonishing information and evidence gathered up to this point. Ruben and Steve will also preview the first ever live 'International North American Tele / Video-Conference' of a crop circle investigation! BAUFOE-417V • UPC 8 82917 04173 0 • 48 min • VHS Video • $19.95 +++ BAUFOE-417D • UPC 8 82917 04179 2 • 48 min • DVD Disk • $19.95

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